Expat Life Game

The new game designed just for you

Looking for a new way to connect with your kids? Tired of trying to explain your unique lifestyle to the folks back home? Want a fun new game to play at your next dinner party? Then the Expat Life game is for you.

Expat Life Game Expat Life Game

What is the Expat Life game?

Expat Life is a phrase-matching card game. It comes with question cards (blue cards) and answer cards (white cards). Players pick the best answer in their hand for a random question each round. The funniest answer wins a point.

Expat Life Game

Who plays Expat Life?

Anyone can play. The game is designed for ages 14 and up. It’s proven very popular with:

  • Expats
  • Diplomats
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Military

What’s Included in the box

  • 20 question cards (blue cards)
  • 93 answer cards (white cards)
  • Directions on how to play
  • Customized tuckbox to store everything
  • Printed in the U.S. on high quality poker size cards
  • Easy rules
  • Quick setup
  • Question and answer format
  • Family friendly
  • Endless variety – over 17 trillion combinations

Expat Life is also available on Amazon.com. To order, click below.

 Expansion Pack

By popular demand, there’s now an expansion pack. The expansion pack features 20 new questions and over 90 new answers. Add this pack to the original game to double your fun.

 How to Play

To start the game, each player draws 8 white cards. The person who moved here first starts the game as the “Old Hand” and plays a blue card. Everyone else selects the best answer from the white cards in their hand and passes it face down to the Old Hand. The Old Hand shuffles the answers, reads them aloud and selects the best one. Whoever submitted it wins one point.The Old Hand duty rotates to the next player. Each player draws back up to 8 white cards and the next round begins.

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How to Win

Lightning style – first player to 5 points wins.

Party style – decide in advance how long to play. The player with the most points at that time wins.

Marathon style – play until all question cards are used. The player with the most points wins.

 Expat Life game is printed in the U.S. by Drive Thru Cards.