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Glad you could make it. If you love travel, you’ve come to the right place. I write about travel with kids. Take a look around. I’m  known for books, a blog, and a card game that I invented. Here’s the complete list of blog posts.

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  • Humblebrag – Dealing with Travel Envy - The other day, I was discussing recent vacations with a few colleagues over lunch. At one point I mentioned a boat trip that we took, "while we were on a family safari in Nepal." There was silence for a few Read More
  • Himalayan Trek - I'm glad my phone tracks the number of stairs climbed, because I lost count after the first hour. I had read voraciously to prepare for our family's Himalayan trek. Everyone mentioned the scenery. Very few mentioned the stairs. According to Read More
  • Bad Travel Day - I'll put the disclaimer up front - this is a rant. I've had lots of glorious travel days, full of soft-focus sunsets and sweeping orchestral music. Every once in a while, though, the odds are not ever in your favor Read More
  • Dangerous Travel With Kids - Our four-wheeler slipped and slid on the monsoon-soaked dirt road. I laughed nervously and gripped the door with white knuckles. As we came around the corner, we saw burning tires blocking the narrow road. That's when I wondered if maybe Read More
  • Fly With Infants – Guide to Bringing Baby on a Plane - Anxiety about traveling internationally with infants is fairly common. Traveling with babies can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Here are some common questions and answers about how to fly with infants. These days there are a lot of Read More